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Atwood, LeeAnn
2nd Grade Teacher
Boyd, Jade
Clark, Shaina
McCarty, Lauren
2nd Grade Teacher
McMahon, Tammy
2nd Grade Teacher

Second Grade Locker

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Grading Scale

A 100-93

B 92-85

C 84-74

D 73-67

F 66 and below

Second Grade
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August 25-29, 2014

Story:   "Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night"

Comprehension: Character and Setting; Story Structure

Grammar:  Predicates

Phonemic Awareness/ Phonics: consonant blends

Weekly Words

Spelling Words-

  1. stop                  7.  stream
  2. hand                 8.  breeze
  3. clip                    9.  next
  4. twin                 10.  ask
  5. strap                11.  mask
  6. brave               12.  state

Amazing Words

1. galaxy - a very large group of stars

2. tranquil - very calm and peaceful

3. wildlife - animals that are not tame

4. fledglings - young birds

5. secure - when something is in place; safe

6. detective - a person who tries to solve a mystery or figure out a problem

7. fascinating - something that is very interesting

8. slimy - something that feel slippery and sticky


Vocabulary Words

1. drooled - to let saliva run from the mouth like a baby sometimes does

2. lanterns - portable lamps with coverings around them to protect them from wind and rain

3. shivered - to shake with cold, fear, or excitement

4. snuggled - to lie closely and comfortably together; cuddle


Upcoming Important Dates

September 1 - Labor Day -- No School!


Your child should bring home a Homework Packet every Monday. This packet contains various pages to help with spelling, fluency, math, and skills we may be working on in class. Please make sure you help your child complete this packet weekly and return by FRIDAY!

Please check your child's binder for their homework chart. Homework is listed on the calendar. Extra Math homework will be sent home when skills need to be practiced.

If you have any questions, please call or email your child's teacher.

Thanks so much!

Second Grade Teachers


Topic 2 - Addition Strategies


2-1 Adding 0, 1, 2

2-2 Doubles

2-3 Near Doubles

2-4 Adding in Any Order

2-5 Adding Three Numbers

2-6 Making 10 to Add

2-7 Problem Solving: Draw a Picture and Write a Number Sentence






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