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Atwood, LeeAnn
2nd Grade Teacher
Jones, Darien
2nd Grade Teacher
McCarty, Lauren
2nd Grade Teacher
McMahon, Tammy
2nd Grade Teacher

Second Grade Locker

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Grading Scale

A 100-93

B 92-85

C 84-74

D 73-67

F 66 and below

Second Grade


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Week of April 7-11, 2014

Story:   "Just LIke Josh Gibson"

Comprehension: Compare and Contrast

Writing: Realistic Fiction

Grammar:  Using Capital Letters

Phonemic Awareness/ Phonics: inflected endings -ed, -ing, -er, -est

Weekly Words

Spelling Words-

  1. tried                 7.  skipping
  2. planning          8.  lighter
  3. skipped          9.  planned
  4. heaviest        10.  liking
  5. trying             11.  heavier
  6. liked              12.  lightest

Amazing Words

athlete              effort

disguise           professional

challenge         dainty

champion         shortstop

Vocabulary Words

bases - the bottom of something; an object in some games

plate - a dish that is almost flat and is usually round; a hard rubber slab that a baseball player stands beside to hit the ball

cheers - when you call out or yell loudly to show you like something

sailed - something that has traveled on the water or through the air

field - a piece of land used for a special purpose

threw - you sent something through the air


Upcoming Important Dates

April 7-11 - 3rd-5th grade testing

April 18-21 - Easter Break

May 2 - Field Day


Beginning in September:

Your child should bring home a Homework Packet every Monday. This packet contains various pages to help with spelling, fluency, math, and skills we may be working on in class. Please make sure you help your child complete this packet weekly and return by FRIDAY!

Please check your child's binder for their homework chart or a copy is located in the Second Grade Locker. Homework is listed on the calendar. Extra Math homework will be sent home when skills need to be practiced.

If you have any questions, please call or email your child's teacher.

Thanks so much!

Second Grade Teachers


Topic 15 Measuring Length

15-1  Exploring Length

15-2  Inches

15-3  Centimeters

15-4  Inches, Feet, and Yards

15-5 Centimeters and Meters

15-6 Measuring Length

15-7 Adding and Subtracting in Measurement

15-8 Comparing Lengths

15-9 Problem Solving - Use Objects